01 February 2010

Project 1- A Manifesto of Sorts

My artwork has continually been evolving and has endured I think it's greatest changes within the past year/ two years. I am very interested in patterns, geometric shapes/figures, and color. Namely- how lines can be perceived as something from far away, and something completely different up close. An artist that I find is similar to this idea is Sol Lewitt- I became introduced to his work last year. 



sol lewitt wall drawing #1166 light to dark (scribbles) black pencil





Yves Tanguy Unititled etching 16/50

I think this stems from my attention to organization in other aspects of my life- orderliness- I usually have a place for everything- I put things back the way I found them, etc. In this way, my attention to detail within my work is evident when considering what I draw, and at times I probably seem a little OCD. I like working larger scale with smaller concepts/patterns. However, my art is not limited to this. I am constantly writing down quotations I find/lyrics/notes to myself and have been trying to incorporate them someway into my artwork more seamlessly. I gain ideas through what I doodle in class when I am not giving to much thought to what I am drawing. I like to collect old photographs- specifically from the store Artifacts here in town- and I am also starting to grow an interest in thread or sewing colored string,yarn, etc onto/into works. I really wouldn't say I have a set 'style' just yet, although I am getting there, but I do have set concepts and forms I am more drawn to than others; this usually includes more abstract than anything else.

What I'd like to gain from this class is a more comprehensive approach to various art forms as a whole and maybe gain an understanding or a broader view of other mediums and how they can relate to mine- as well as different artists/avenues I could look to for inspiration. 

I would say my most limiting factor when it comes to my art is time and resources. Finding time to actually act on my ideas and then be in the studio is an issue. Also, resources- I ain't no moneybags, so certain things or tools are harder to obtain when you have to decide between eating actual food for a couple weeks or buying whatever it is I would need for a project. I've also always been interested in photography but never had the means to act on that interest so I'm pumped to learn about that area. 

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