01 February 2010

Zoe's Manifesto

I have always considered myself primarily a 2-d artist. I make a lot of short comics and am constantly drawing 'characters,' either real of fictitious. My pieces tend to imply indirectly or quite explicitly a situation or story. Sometimes I revert to a traditional linear story telling, but more often then not I'll focus on single scenes, which only display the characters. My drawings tend to be more confident and natural than other techniques and mediums I have explored.
In contrast to my line drawings, I also create surrealistic photographic collages using advanced lithographic techniques. These two areas come across very differently. The presence of my hand is very strong in my drawings, where the collages tend to appear more composed.
This semester for intermedia I would like to create motion art to projected onto 2-d images. I would like these pieces to blend my drawings and digital art into something to express both sides of my interests. I want to create background or interactive characters that would enliven my 2-d work.

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