01 February 2010

Manifesto: Thomas Bolkcom-Smith

David Carson

Bert Monroy

My artistic journey began when I started playing the guitar in junior high. This opened my eyes to a lot of new things and really began creating the artist I am today. This led me towards graphic arts because I loved all the album cover art. Music has influenced my life more than anything else and has brought me where I am today. I involve music in a lot of my work, it has the largest influence out of anything. I was most mesmerized by Alex Grey, the artist for the band TOOL, because his work was so much different than anything I had seen before. In high school I went more towards the graphic design aspects and found new artists such as David Carson and Bert Monroy to inspire me along the way.

Bringing the aspirations into my own work is still a slow work in progress. I have big goals for what I want to do and this is just the brick work. In this class I want to broaden my horizons and introduce myself to new mediums. I'm most interested in the video aspect of this class. I haven't had much experience with this and I think it could be very interesting.

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