01 February 2010

My interests: Tyson Howell

The backbone of my own artistic practice lies mainly in electronic music production and performance. With this interest in music I also developed a love for graphic arts because of their use in promotional materials like flyers and posters.

I have always been interested in Technology, humanitarianism, environmentalism, truth and freedom. Truth is a concept that I really value because I feel there is a lack of it to be found in our world. I'm passionate about being pro-peace, pro-freedom, pro-truth, and anti-war. I enjoy world politics, mythology, religion, history, and reading. I love to create and build things. I like to experiment with video, photography, graphic design, drawing, and music.

I find all the world religions interesting but could never devote to one of them. I prefer to learn about all of them and come to my own conclusions.

I am taking this class because I feel that it fits my interests and goals. I have always loved the fact that art can convey a message, through a medium, to be received and understood by thousands or millions of people. I feel that, because of this, art is an extremely powerful communicative tool that has the ability to raise awareness of issues and ideas to a broad range of people in the world. Art can be used to educate and uplift society... spiritually, mentally, ethically, and physically. I find that exciting.

My goals in the class are to develop a greater understanding of life and art.

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