08 February 2010

I have never had the gift of using words.  I speak but nothing comes out. I hear and listen to what is going on around me but I can never truly respond to it.  I see a world full of movement and life but sometimes I’m still.  I am naïve and ignorant to the common person.  But through art I can show I am always listening, I am always moving and I am always interacting with the world around me.

Photography is the art form I am most interested in.  When taking a picture, I don’t like to make the purpose of the picture obvious.  However, I always have a reason behind a picture whether it is to express how I feel or to show the feelings or lifestyle of someone else.  When people view my work, I like them to question it; I want them to spend time thinking about it.  I try to make my work appealing but I also like it to have a deeper meaning.  I do not care what people think the meaning of my work is, as long as they take the time to think about it and question what I have done.  

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