08 February 2010

Project 2 | Meaningful Noise

Due (starting) March 1 for in-class critiques and evaluation. Each student (or pair of students) is to make, create and/or perform a project inspired, influenced by SOUND. The piece can be in a variety of styles or any combination of them: ambient (no beginning or end), documentary, narrative, animation, experimental.

The sound can also be in any style or combination: found sound (recorded from different environments), recorded instruments, voice and song, voice-over, noise music, etc. You may work collaboratively with one other person on this assignment, if you like. If you elect to do a piece of sound art as described above, it should be between three and five minutes long.

Alternately, your work can be in any medium-- a book, a blog, a performance, a video of your performance, a video, photographs, a print, a sculpture, etc. Think creatively about the notion of sound, work in the medium you're accustomed to, or experiment in a medium you always wanted to explore. Think about what you hear in your everyday environment; what you imagine the sounds are like in a place/city you have never been before; your memory of sounds from an environment, what sounds exist in a photograph that you love, etc. Sounds can be/or not be in the work.

In addition to the above, you must include a 200-250-word statement (12 pt. font double spaced) about the piece. If this were exhibited in a gallery, this would function as wall text. The written component should be a well thought out précis that covers the thoughts that inform you piece. Projects without text will not be accepted.

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