17 February 2010


Both of these scars came from the result of teenage boredom. My friends and I were, like most male teenagers of our time, were into skateboarding. We always had to take it to new limits and began sitting down on our skateboards and racing, louge style, down this huge hill in one of our neighborhoods we named "The Nile". It was named this because of all the twists and turns it had in it and also for how big and steep this hill was. The day I got these scars we got the bright idea of "battle louging", fighting and kicking our way down "The Nile". I got ran into at the fastest part of the hill of course and it sent me in to a speed wobble, I tried to make it to the grass over the curb, but was not in time. I probably slid about 10 feet on the concrete and it was mostly on my arm. I had to pull asphault out of my wounds and skated home in fear of infection.

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