25 January 2010

Project 1: A Manifesto of Sorts *Due Feb 1

Compile a series of ideas, images, texts, sounds, etc. that will inform your work this term. Think about the conceptual backbone of your artistic practice. Why are you taking this class? What are your goals? Be prepared to present and explain to the class.

Consider the following:
Relationships between Self / Environment / Others (consider: actions, thoughts, habits, desires, beliefs, culture, perception, technology, objects, nature, physical structures, landscape, stuff, political systems, power, lines of communication, signs, symbols, assumptions, ritual, myth, history, time…) What engages you? What are you curious about? What fills you with wonder? What do you want to explore or know more about? What sources are you drawn to for material? (Digital media? Magazines? Photographs? Stream of consciousness writing? Politics or the nightly news? A specific place? Nature? Micro systems? Macro systems?) What is your point of view, i.e., what is your relationship to the things you are looking at/into? What might be some questions that guide your research and artmaking this semester? What are you passionate about? What holds you back in your work? We are engaged in pure research—consider everything potential fodder for your creative work.

This project can be realized via a written manifesto, collage, series of jpgs, or an assemblage of found objects. Regardless of how you conceive it, please write at least a two-paragraph summary of your ideas. Please post to the writing and a jpg to the Intermedia I blog before Feb 1. We will discuss them as a group.

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