31 January 2010

Nick Silhacek manifesto

If I had to describe what I am interested in with only one word, that word would be “EPIC.” I am drawn to grand narratives, whether expressed through visual, audio, or verbal mediums. I prefer focusing on the macro- rather than the micro-story. In daily life, I enjoy following geopolitical issues. Because of this fascination with the interaction between power, politics, and geography, I like maps. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a good map is worth a million.

I also like anything that allows me to feel a full range of emotions. Anything that allows me to feel seemingly opposite emotions simultaneously is a hit with me. A song that has a jagged sense of foreboding and darkness yet somehow gives an impression of peacefulness or splendor that washes over the listener, for instance, accomplishes this. H. R. Giger’s work is another example. His creatures are undeniably dark and evince nothing short of evil, yet they are hypnotically beautiful. It is a fine line that an artist must walk to succeed in taking the viewer, reader, or listener on such a wondrous ride. If I could achieve such a balance with my work, I will have achieved my goal.

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