15 April 2010

Zoe's Show- setting up Monday

ZOE IN SPACE - A Retrospective 1994 - 2010
Featuring Original Prints & Drawings of Zoe Phillips
with works by her contemporary, Blake Peterson

It is an explosion of drawings, paper, plastic and color, over 100 images!

Zoe's BFA show will be installed at UpTown Bill's on S. Gilbert street, from April 19-May 2nd (in the "Mad Hatter Room")

Instead of doing an "opening" - we're doing a Closing Reception. On May 2nd from 5 - 8 pm. The reception will feature technicolored colored baked goods!
...and Robots.

*the show was supposed to be the 15th, but it's been pushed back to Monday due to a complication at UpTownBill's

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  1. WHOAA!! This looks amazing! I look forward to seeing the work, Zoe. Congratulations!