14 April 2010


This is a group of nameless artists based in Berlin and Paris under the name Neozoon. Their name makes reference to the common practice on introducing non-native animals into a new habitat only to refer to them as an invasion species when they thrive. Animals like: wild rabbits, muskrats, red fire ants, raccoons and grey squirrels.
They recently explained to Good Magazine, "At best, it raises questions, like: "Where have all those animals gone in my environment" or "oops-was this piece of shrink wrapped supermarket meat really once alive and kicking?" We take discarded fur coats and reintroduce them to the environment by returning them to their former shape, making it "live," to let people perceive [that] this used to be a living animal. Then it was just an animal skin, with a human inside, and now it has returned as an animal. Maybe it also adds something wild to our civilized urban surrounding."


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