18 April 2010

Text As Image: Modern Day

Vitor Aguiar

Alex Trochut

Currently working as a freelance graphic designer from Barcelona, Alex Trochut is one of the best and most creative modern day designer. Claiming his two loves are "type and illustration" his work speaks for itself, presenting his unique and varying style. The exploration and adaption of each and every alternate situation is what Alex loves most about design. His clientele includes a variety of companies such as Adidas, Nike, British Airways, Coca-Cola, Johnny Walker, and Nixon just to name a few.


Oscar Wilson/Studio Oscar

Oscar Wilson founded his own studio out of London in 1996 titled "Studio Oscar." The images this Oscar and his studio create include hand crafted typography, also specializing in image creation. Working for clients such as Guinness, Honda, MTV, Nike and many others, with commissions from advertising, fashion, publishing, film, TV and any sort of visual communication.


2009 Grammy Posters

In honor of the 2009 Grammy's, the award winning agency of TBWA Chiat/Day released a series of posters advertising for the 2009 Grammy's. These posters displayed a variety of artists, such as Coldplay, Lenny Kravitz, Lil Wayne, Rihanna, Thom Yorke (of Radiohead), Stevie Wonder and Kanye West, who were asked to choose between 10 and 20 of their favorite artists and songs, that have also influenced them in any way. These song titles and artists were then embedded into a portrait of the respected artist and seen through magazine and TV ads for the Grammy's.

Ork Designs

Ork Design, located out of Chicago creates city posters where each town of the surrounding areas are placed in a cool, typographic style. Designing posters for big cities such as Chicago, Boston, LA, Brooklyn, New York City and several others, Ork also has started a line that deals with body parts such as the brain and the heart. At Ork Designs, their intention is to keep the designs original to each, individual city and environment while having fun along the way. Such posters have been included in a wide variety of magazines, advertisements, movies, and even in the collections of celebrities such as Jimmy Kimmel.


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