26 March 2010

Project 4 –Video

 Make a short – under 5 minute – video piece.

You may create any type of video: ambient (no beginning or end), narrative, nonfiction, poetic, essay, animation, documentary, etc.  In this project you may only use original sounds and music. THIS MEANS NO USING SONGS BY BANDS YOU LIKE!

The sound should be some combination of the following: diagetic (recorded in the room where the video is shot,) non-diagetic (recorded in environments different than where you shot the footage), recorded instruments, voice and song, voice-over, noise music, etc.  In other words, I want you to record sounds yourself!

An important thematic/conceptual note: please no “drunkumentaries” (see me for definition) or day in the life videos of you and your friends—this is a tired theme, at best…

You may work collaboratively on this assignment (for example one person does the sound and one does the video or both of you work on both components) but both artists need to have a hand in creating the theme. No more than four students to a group, please.

In addition to the above, you must include a 200-250-word statement (12 pt. font double spaced) about the piece. If this were exhibited in a gallery, this would function as wall text. The written component should be a well thought out précis that covers the thoughts that inform you piece. Projects without text will not be accepted.

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