01 March 2010

Precis - Nick and Tyson

They say we learn from our history. This begs the question: Can we learn from our future?

In the year 2040, members of a United States exploratory space mission find something unexpected as they approach a black hole. Inexplicably, their research drone receives transmissions that defy logic--they appear to be from the future.

What does this mean, if it is true? What would you, the listener, think if you were a member of the crew, or Capt. Jack Saunders himself?

As you receive this unintended message from the future, who do you believe? Is the world really a paradise of peace and prosperity, as the World President paints it? Or is it a distopian world filled with what will soon be billions of disillusioned souls? What do you make of the final transmission received?

The goal of this dramatic sound piece is to act as a catalyst for the listener to imagine the many dichotomies we face in life every day. It is to force us to question the obvious, the accepted, and the mundane. "What if?" is a question too often dismissed as pipe-dreaming. But things do change. The most permanent creations of humanity disappear in the blink of God's eye.

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